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Chrollo (HxH) Illumi (HxH) Hisoka (HxH) Kankuro (Naruto) These might be expanded later but as of right now I barely have enough confidence to even write these characters. I’ll try really hard to keep them in character. This is what you can ask for: Anything. SFW or NSFW. Headcanons (OPEN) Scenarios (CLOSED). Just wanna chat about stuff? Sure. Chrollo: like Hisoka, he has a wide range of laughs ; he has a courtesy laugh (laughs to make you feel better about that really bad joke you just made) but with others who make bad jokes, he’ll just smile, not even bother laughing See more posts like this on Tumblr. #wip #attack on titan #aot #eren jaeger #snk #sketching #sketch #sketchbook #pencil sketch #Work in progress More you might like ... 30-jun-2018 - Deze pin is ontdekt door Wolfgang. Ontdek (en bewaar!) je eigen pins op Pinterest. HxH: Chrollo Feitan Machi Pakunoda ... Can I request some headcanons about how a day at the beach would go with Kazama, Chuuya and Guren? Guren Ichinose. Chrollo has lived in a dump of place called Meteor City and is kind of a psychopath (he may also be a sociopath) so he’s never experienced or been shown true love. Sure, he’s acted like he knows what love is in order to steal something or get info. More HisoIllu headcanons UwU. I made one with their lovechild, now its time to be alone We all know that Hisoka is horny af, but when hes not, they will cuddle and talk shit about Chrollo Hisoka gives Lumi kisses on the forehead, hands and cheeks while Illu’s fingers wander around his husband’s broad chest Read Silva, Chrollo, Paku, Illumi, Phinks and Feitan Headcanons w/blind Darling from the story Yandere HxH by SilverPaint223 (StaticFanatic) with 656 reads. hu... *Temp Hiatus* Adultrio, Trouble Trio, Pariston, Nobunaga, and Kite Appreciation sideblog/// Post New HxH Merchandise and Headcanons A blog for autistic headcanons, of course! Please read our links before submitting or otherwise interacting with the blog. Inbox is closed. Jun 20, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Derak001. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest -Anonymous whispered: Hisoka, Uvo, and Chrollo jealousy headcanons? Please? Well, since you said please, of course! I’m surprised this is the first time the trash clown has ended up in my inbox! I can’t see Hisoka getting jealous easily. Most of his relationships will likely be flings or purely sexual. chrollo; general headcanons …with a phantom troupe member s/o …with a stronger s/o …with a virgin s/o …with a succubus s/o . attending a concert with his s/o comforting his s/o after a fight …with an idol s/o yandere headcanons. yandere! chrollo with a clumsy s/o. getting cancelled for dating him danganronpa Super Danganronpa 2 danganronpa headcanons danganronpa imagines mikan mikan tsumiki mikan x reader mikan tsumiki x reader ultimate nurse murder game.Artist Participation: General Information Artists will be chosen to create for one or more of five possible zine sections: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Bliss. The zine will be printed in 8.5″ x 8.5″ square, so final pieces will need to be that size plus applicable bleed space and 300dpi. Pairing: Chrollo x Reader. Genre: Angst, with eventual fluff (& smut). A/N: Okay so…this is my first time writing a hxh fic and I’ve been thinking about this idea as a semi slow burn series for a while. Nov 26, 2020 - Read EBoy or Soft Boy from the story HunterxHunter X Reader Headcanons by author_01 (author) with 8,076 reads. chrollo, hunterxhunter, leorio. KilluaE-boy Right now, they’re doing mostly headcanons with a sprinkle of some scenarios, but Gabbi sweetie, I’m really looking forward to what they’re going to put out and I hope you find something you like! Warning though, it’s got some dirty stuff, so use your own discretion on that as you wish. @totomochi Listen… This person makes some DAMN ... Artist Participation: General Information Artists will be chosen to create for one or more of five possible zine sections: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Bliss. The zine will be printed in 8.5″ x 8.5″ square, so final pieces will need to be that size plus applicable bleed space and 300dpi. Em ♈ 5'7" / sw 200 / cw 176 / ugw 111
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But for Gon, or Chrollo. ~Admin Mieko shalnark HunterXHunterHeadcanons instagram phantom troupe phantom troupe headcanons chrollo hisoka phinks shizuku machi kortopi bonolenov pakunoda uvogin feitan hxh hunter x hunter kalluto zoldyck

Torture (Feitan x reader angst) Chapter 1 Modern au {TW: bullying, abuse} ‘Finally’, y/n thought, 'I’m free from the pain.’ She was laying on her bed in her new bedroom after hours in the car, hauling around luggage filled with personal items, and getting settled in her room.

Em ♈ 5'7" / sw 200 / cw 176 / ugw 111

— demigod. anonymous: Can I request some headcanons or imagines or scenarios (whatever you’re comfortable doing) on how Chrollo, Feitan, Dabi and Shigaraki would react to having a fem S/O who’s a...

headcanon that hisoka never ever explicitly tells anyone when he has sex he always calls it a battle or a fight. Source: licensedbootyhunter. 377 notes Oct 12th, 2014.

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Ravenclaw . Every couple of weeks there is a new magical puzzle trend in the common room. Sometimes it’s just an adaptation of the last one - for example when Rubix cubes were finished with, someone charmed them to randomly change colour which was more fun but also more frustrating. Overview Gallery Synopsis Relationships Denki Kaminari to Momo Yaoyorozu in "Disaster Walker!" Denki Kaminari (上 (かみ) 鳴 (なり) 電 (でん) 気 (き) , Kaminari Denki?), also known as Stun Gun Hero: Chargebolt (スタンガンヒーロー・チャージズマ, Sutan Gan Hīrō Chājizuma?), is a student in Class 1-A at U.A. High School, training to become a Pro Hero. 1 Appearance 1.1 ... Chapter 4 . 퐒퐮퐛퐭퐥퐞 퐂퐡퐞퐦퐢퐬퐭퐫퐲 : Illumi x Reader . Illumi’s words hadn’t quite registered in your mind. For your own sake of sanity, you decided you would push the news to the back of your mind….for now. Chrollo Lucilfer Hunter x Hunter. Saved by Dĩ Tân Chân Thiên. 12. Yoshihiro Togashi Hisoka Hunter X Hunter Awesome Anime Man Alive Aesthetic Anime Cartoon Art Otp ... 1 day ago · Chanyeol x Reader: size difference. Multithreaded Konachan / Yandere (moebooru based site) Image Bulk Downloader | 多线程K站Y站下载器. Yandere Kanojo comes out in two editions. what she's like in a relationship. The Boys. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Перевод NC-17. This may be a little odd, but could I ask for some friendship and/or relationship headcanons with nedzu/nezu? If that's too vague maybe something exploring how he might open up as he starts to...